About Us

Our company Gökçek A.Ş. which was established in 1968,  has become a well known brand in Turkey with the basic principle of achieving quality in production, marketing  and punctual and exact delivery  of  industrial rubber products. Gökçek A.Ş. with an experience of over 50 years, produces  spare parts for construction equipments and sealing elements, vibration insulators, defense industry equipments, medical device spare parts, highway signalization groups, lighting luminaries and automotive spare parts. Our company exports directly from abroad to 46 countries in 5 continents under the brand name “MAG” and searchs for new marketing places by attending International fairs and with an expert marketing unit. The company has big achievements by renewing kinds of product every other day due to the production program. The Gökçek A.Ş. besides the standard production, produce high quality and plentitude goods with an experienced engineers and technical staff due to customer’s demand.

Gökçek A.Ş. is glad to satisfy your demands.

Best Regards,

Mahmut Gökçek and Adem Gökçek    

Our vision is to become world’s leading brand in the sector.

Our mission is to produce competitive products and services in its sector and satisfy the demands of our customers and other shareholders.   

Our Policy for quality;

The main principle of our company is to provide quality of service in highest rate. With such objective, the policy of our company is to satisfy the demands and needs of customers complying with national and international standards in shortest time. All the produced or supplied spare parts pass through series of tests before they are relased to the market. The tests and controls start from the first step and continues until the production is completed. All tests and controls are done within Gökçek A.Ş. and these are; analysis of raw materials, CMM measurements, Roumeter, rubber reaction, tensile-elongation-breaking, abrasion, aging and  density, and quality control of the completed product. All manufactured or supplied products by Gökçek A.Ş. are produced with high technology. 

  • Prioritising customer satisfaction,
  • Meeting and applying all necessary conditions to be a leader of the sector
  • Ensuring productivity
  • Participating the quality management system of all our employees.
  • Providing best service to our customers by following new technologic innovations and improvements
  • Providing secure working environment and proper training
  • Respecting society and environment

Our Quality standards;

As corporate management of GÖKÇEK A.Ş. supports activities to increase quality, productivity and improvement.

The environment which is common future of human being; is under risk of pollution and perpetual decrease of natural sources. For this reason, Gökçek A.Ş.  within the production process taking and giving to nature, aims to provide lower production costs by using optimal sources and also proper consuming of common sources of human being by efficient usage of raw material.